We’ve been thinking. Why do we instinctively feel the need to put a title on everything we do? Think about it. There is a name for every diet, every fitness routine, and every set of beliefs. We are not saying titles are a bad thing. Actually, they are usually necessary, but maybe the labeling is becoming excessive. The pressure and stereotypes certain titles give you can get, well, pretty aggravating. So we decided to forget the titles.

People frequently ask us what strict diet we follow or what our specific exercise program is. Are yall vegan? Paleo?  Do you do CrossFit? What about weight watchers? Have you heard of ideal protein? Ah! Immediately overwhelmed. Our response? Surprisingly simple. We try our hardest to eat REAL, UNPROCESSED food. Majority of our meals are plant based (and no, this doesn’t mean we just eat lettuce and broccoli). Are we perfect? Heck no! And thank God, because that would be too much pressure for us to handle. If you think we eat a pristine diet 100 percent of the time then you have never seen us with chocolate cake...or chocolate brownies…or, well let’s be real, anything chocolate! We have to be realistic, but more importantly balanced. We strive for perfection knowing we will only ever reach excellence.

Realize one thing…everyone is different. After training several different clients this past year, we experienced this first hand. We honestly don’t think there will ever be a one size fits all for nutrition and fitness. Different people have different preferences. What is best for you and your lifestyle? The answer to this question is the missing piece to the confusing puzzle of health. Figure out what you can do in your circumstances and then commit to it.

What changes can you make TODAY to improve your lifestyle? We are challenging you to identify three. Can you eat more vegetables? Can you switch the soda for water? Can thirty minutes a day of exercise become a priority?  This week, work on the three you choose. The hard part about this? YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY MAKE THESE CHANGES. You can have all the resources and encouragement you need, but until you decide to take the next step change will not occur. Where there is no change there is no growth, and who wants to be stagnant forever? We are hoping you are all thinking, “not me!” Commit to this challenge this week and you will have taken the first step to the best version of you.