Courage is such a pretty word. It makes you feel good when someone describes you as courageous and you enjoy reading stories of courageous people.  We all want that title. It is something to strive for. But if this is the case, why aren’t we doing everything we can to attain this status? Well, for starters, courage isn’t pretty and certainly not easy.  You know why? Courage goes hand in hand with our biggest enemy…fear. Without fear, courage doesn’t exist.

Courage is the ability to do something that you know is difficult or you know frightens you. When fear attacks us, courage is our armor. But please understand one thing. Fear has one agenda. It wants to block us off from greatness. It wants us to stay stagnant, to remain comfortable. It selfishly hoards the key to our next door of opportunity.  The unknown lies beyond that locked door, and fear does a remarkable job of blocking the exciting view from us. We can’t even imagine what good things lie ahead because we are scared to even attempt to get in. So we remain content with dreaming of what our lives would be like if we could somehow break through that door. How will my life be different? Will it be hard? Easy? Exciting? Scary? And the worst question of all…is there a possibility I can fail?

But what if someone told you there was a special key that could let you in? You still had to face fear to get there, but there was in fact a way to get through the door. Yes, it will be tough to push through, but once you cross over the threshold, you will be changed. You will have improved. You would have stood up to your biggest enemy.  You would have been courageous.

Although fear can be paralyzing, we can’t let it cripple us. It is ok to be scared. In fact, it is a necessary trigger.  Without fear, we would never have the opportunity to exercise courage.  So please, keep that “key” of courage with you at all times. You never know when you’ll face that door of opportunity.  Don’t let fear turn you away. The other side is worth it.


Until next time,