That’s all it takes? 5 minutes to a flat tummy? Incorporate this 5-minute ab routine 3x a week, and we promise you will see a difference in your core! It can sometimes be hard to find time to squeeze a workout in. We know, it happens to us too! But five minutes? Anyone can sacrifice that amount of time in the morning or evening to get in some core work. What’s the worst that can happen? You lose five minutes a day? Trust us, you won’t regret it. Start this exercise routine today. Better yet, play the video below and start now!

1.     50 regular crunches with legs in 90-degree angle

2.     50 pulses in regular crunch position

3.     25 oblique crunches (Right side)

4.     25 oblique crunches (Left side)

5.     30 Lower ab crunches (15 reps right foot over left foot, 15 reps left foot over right foot)

6.     15 Twisting abs

7.     10 slow bikes into 10 fast bikes (3 sets)

*Watch video to see how to execute each exercise correctly