I like, well love, having a daily to do list. I work better when someone, or even just myself, lays out a series of tasks to complete. I think it’s because I enjoy the satisfaction of completing a task followed by the action of checking it off. It feels good! I’ve created a short list of three things you can do each day to turn your good weeks into great weeks. When we step back and look at the big picture, you will understand that these great weeks will lead to great months, and great months into great years. Good strategy in my opinion. Although I am not perfect, I do try to accomplish this list each day in hopes of creating the type of attitude and perspective I hope to always maintain. Ok, so let’s jump in.

1)     WIN THE DAY

a.     I don’t mean by tangible success. An award, an outspoken affirmation, or even a work goal reached is not the win I am talking about. Even though all of these things can certainly add to a winning day. It’s more about what you are doing as a person, not an employee that leads to the best type of success. What do I do to win the day? Happy to share. A winning day for me is waking up early (with coffee of course), getting a work out in before my work day starts (yay for endorphins), having my prayer/silent time, completing pre work follow up before I walk out of the door, eating nutritious foods to fuel me not drain me, and most importantly, ending my day knowing that I was a light to someone. I like to ask myself not what big sale I made, but what new person I encountered. Every day is a chance to make someone’s world a little brighter. If your job involves interacting with others, you have the perfect set up. Measure your day by relationships first, before you even think of sale goals or deadlines met. If I made someone smile, and I made a sale, I’m ecstatic. You see, when all of these things add up, I won the day. If I strive to win each day, before I know it, it is Friday at 5:00, and I realize that I won that week. Is it always a perfect formula? Heck no! But I strive for perfection knowing I will only always reach excellence. So, first on your to do list, WIN THE DAY.


a.     Change your perspective from what you are doing to who you are becoming. Whether you love your job or hate it, you are there for a reason. Regardless if you feel as though you do idle tasks all day that don’t make a difference, it has little to do with the actual action at hand. How does your daily work shape the person you hope to become? How are you reacting to the cards you’ve been dealt. If you have a hounding boss who only knows how to criticize you rather than build you up, be thankful. You are learning patience in adversity. If you don’t get along with your colleagues, don’t lash out at them out of frustration. This is your opportunity to maybe see negative aspects about others that you hope to never adopt. Think of it as fine tuning the person you are by visibly seeing a type of person you hope to never become. If you are working long hours to meet a deadline, see that as a gift. You are learning perseverance. Seek opportunity in your daily work, rather than the actual tasks at hand. Remember, ultimately, it isn’t what you are doing but who you are becoming. If you have similar beliefs as me, you know we will be judged on our character before worldly success. So, second on your to do list, FOCUS ON THE WHO NOT THE WHAT.


a.     External factors are constantly changing. Your position, your goals, your relationships, the weather, your health, the economy, and so on. If we allow happiness to depend strictly on factors out of our control, we have just thrown ourselves into a losing battle. I challenge you to only find happiness through internal factors that are consistent and under your control. For example, your attitude. You actually have the power to change your perspective. You train your body to be strong and fit so you can enjoy the people and things around you for a long time. You should be doing the same thing with your brain. If you want healthy thoughts, you need a healthy, strong brain. If you are only happy when it is sunny outside…losing battle. If you are only happy because of the position or rank you hold within your company…losing battle. If you are only happy by the look of your physical body…losing battle. See where I am going? All of these things are passing, and some out of our control. Focus on internal factors, like I don’t know, YOUR SOUL, in order to be able to maintain a deep joy rather than a fleeting happiness. So, third on your to do list, FOCUS ON THE INTERNAL FACTORS.

I am not here to tell you that everything is always jolly and changing your perspective is easy. In fact, I’ll go ahead right now and say it may one of the hardest things to do. But the good news is that it is doable and totally worth it. As Lent approaches, it is a perfect time to focus on you and your personal goals. Challenge yourself to actively attempt this to do list each day. I hope it allows you to have more wins, just like it has done for me.

Happy almost weekend friends!