The holidays are a busy time and it can be difficult to get a workout in. With family and friends getting together and out of town guests coming in to visit, there is limited time to exercise. If you are like us, you need some form of movement each day. We’re here to help! Here is a free 20 minute work out you can do at home. No gym means no time away. This way you can earn that peppermint bark and hot chocolate :)



Start with two tababtas. A tabata is High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) workout that lasts four minutes. You will workout hard for 20 seconds and then rest for 10. This will be done for 8 rounds, repeating each exercise twice. Break for a minute in between each tabata.


Tabata #1

1)  Burpee

                  2)  Mountain Climbers

     3)  High knees

      4)  Tuck Jumps


     Tabata #2

1)  Push ups

   2)  Tricep Dips

         3)  Wide Push Ups

                       4)  Shoulder Taps (in Plank)



       3 sets of each exercise

        1) Squat into Calf Raise (15 reps)

          2) Side Lunge to Knee Lift (15 reps each leg)

         3) Hammer Curl (5lb-8lb dumbbells) (15 reps)

         4) Upright Row (5lb-8lb dumbbells)  (15 reps)

               5) Wide Fly (5lb-8lb dumbbells) (10 reps)