You know that giddy feeling you get on Thursday afternoon? You have to know what I’m talking about. Freedom starts piercing through your veins knowing the weekend is a day away. Friday is so close you can taste it. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I live in New Orleans, but I am speaking in the literal sense when I say I can “taste the weekend.” In my opinion, and that may not hold much weight, I believe this city has the absolute best food. Yes, I’m biased, but even those visiting the Big Easy say the same. When I think of all of my favorite memories since I’ve moved here, they all revolve around the dinner table. When a few things come together- a good restaurant, a good bottle of wine and a good group of people- the memories made are never forgotten. I always knew, but am now seeing firsthand, just how cultural food is. I’m not just talking about the type of food though. It’s the excitement of picking a new place you’ve never tried before, analyzing the menu to make sure you get everything that catches your eye, and getting ever so giddy when the waiter says, “We have some great specials tonight.” Going to dinner in the city is different. It’s special. It’s an experience. 

I had to get used to this “experience.” To state the obvious, I am a health nut. I like eating foods that fuel me and give me the best shot at optimum health. So you can imagine my debacle when I first started embracing the restaurants around me.  I used to be an all or nothing kind of girl. I would go “cold turkey” for those things that were important to me. Add this, subtract that, and stick to this. Yep, I became really good at not wavering.  Well, that lifestyle doesn’t exist in this city. You learn a lot moving away from routine, and I feel like living here has totally helped me find my balance.

I eat clean majority of the time because it makes me feel good. I am taking care of the ONE body God gave me in hopes it will be as good to me as I am to it. With that being said, I work so hard so that I can treat myself with the infamous food that dwells in the streets of this city. It is HILARIOUS to me when people ask, “Wait, you can eat that?” after I take a bite of a fried oyster or order a beignet for dessert. I just giggle and say, “YES! I can eat anything I want, but I CHOOSE not to eat it every single day.” Balance is hard to accomplish, but is the only thing that can keep you sane. A girl deserves a fried shrimp po-boy every now and then anyway, right?!

On this Thursday I hope you are all experiencing that giddy feeling! Your two-day vacay is near. Pick a new restaurant, call up your friends, choose the perfect bottle of wine and celebrate those around you.

Cheers to the weekend friends,