We are all guilty of sometimes living life in fast forward. Rushing to another life “stage” while never embracing the one we are currently in. It sometimes feels like we are always waiting for the next big thing to happen rather than savoring the good moments that surround us. When we hope (or pray) for a future desire, is it out of desperation? At times, it sometimes feels like that for us. You know those thoughts we are talking about, right? “Once I graduate, things will fall into place.” “If I was married, everything would be better.” “Once my work load slows down, I won’t be as stressed out.” We are always desperately looking for an excuse to justify the uneasiness we may be feeling. What if we flipped that habit? Is it possible for this pattern to be erased? Rather than feeling sorry for ourselves and frantically looking for an escape, what if we used that energy to prepare.

Whether we believe it or not, something is always on the horizon. Good, bad, exciting or boring, we are living in a constant path of preparation for what’s to come. That is why we must fervently strive to improve ourselves. Never believe you “have arrived” or fall into complacency. Our imperfect nature should constantly be looking for ways to be better. The hard part is balancing this desire while also being content with who we are today and the progress we’ve already made.  

Athletes train and prepare for big games. They study film to learn what their opponents could potentially throw at them.  For every possible outcome, they now have a plan in place. Start thinking of yourself as an athlete in the game of life. In order to succeed, we must train. If we don’t spend time in the preparation stage, how will we be ready to withstand what may come our way? 

This week, begin to prepare. Our optimistic nature likes to think that something great is just around the corner. Are you preparing for the greatness that awaits you?