As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, we are inspired to better live out our T.A.S.K in life. If our mission is To Always Spread Kindness that should be the foundation and motivation for everything we do, right? So this week, and weeks to come, we are recommitting. We will continue our project of T.A.S.K Tuesday, but we have another request. Please commit to this movement of kindness by joining our T.A.S.K team.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean anything other than a public display of your commitment. Each day you perform an act of kindness or see one being done, we ask that you spread this joy and inspiration to others. Simply post a picture of you or someone you know spreading kindness and hashtag #taskteam.  If it’s Tuesday make sure to hashtag #tasktuesday as well.

The holiday season is all about giving. Yes, there is receiving involved, but that shouldn’t be the focus. Let’s give so others can receive. This is a jolly time of year, but unfortunately, it isn’t so jolly for some people. This could be a difficult time for families for reasons we may never know. We may not be able to give material gifts to all of these families, but we can certainly give a little kindness. Joy lasts way longer than a store bought item, trust me. Posting this on social media using our hashtag isn’t for praise or recognition for your deed, but rather a way to spread acts of kindness to a larger group of people.  So join us in brightening up the world around us. Be that positive example to others.  After all, it has to start somewhere. Why not with you?

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