As you all know from previous blog posts (Thanks Tina), I am a HUGE planner. Why I am so meticulous with updating my to-do list every second of every day is beyond me.  When one measly part of my day altars, I’m in a frenzy. What do I do? Rearrange the entire to do list to make sense of the new plan. Seriously? Who created this monster inside me? You would think me and spontaneity are enemies.

Well, there is hope for me. This past weekend we had to work Festivals Acadiens in Lafayette. I knew for three days straight I would working from 8am to 8pm with no other plans, obligations or commitments to tend to. It. Was. Awesome. This freedom, yes I felt free, made me realize how much I am worrying about tasks that need to get done instead of slowing down, taking a deep breath and just…well, being. It is less pressure living day to day, I can promise you that.

I feel like the world makes us feel like we need to always be so busy and stressed out with work, family, school, etc. I am starting to believe that this is the reason people are so miserable in their everyday lives. Sometimes I literally think I am “slacking” if I am not running around getting a million things done. I know, I know this is the myth of multitasking. Thinking you can do several things successfully at one time. I  mean, technically you can, but you’ll settle at good instead of great. We are packing as many tasks as we can in one day instead of really focusing on one task at a time. I need a perspective change: Quality vs. Quantity. That is my new challenge. Stop trying to do so much at one time and not fully acknowledging what has actually been done. Everyone needs to receive a little credit at some point! I challenge you to take a step back, erase some things off your to-do list, and if one little thing has to change….IT WILL BE OK. To-do lists are good at keeping most people sane and organized, but sometimes the obsessive planning comes to a fault. Believe me, I’m that girl. So to all my planners out there, two words of advice. Sometimes it is easier to just LET GO, then try and change the world in 24 hours. 

Cheers to obsessive planning and to-do lists,