My wedding is less than a month away, I repeat, less than a month away. Who knew you could experience several different emotions all at once? This time is just as exciting as it is nerve-racking. It is crazy to think the one day I’ve been anticipating this past year is right around the corner. Lately me and Mike (fiancé) have found ourselves always asking each other what’s on the agenda for the next hour, day, week, and lately even month. We both can’t remember the last time we had a deep conversation where we let our thoughts get lost in silly and far fetched scenarios. What happened to the hour conversation where we just dreamed of what our life could be like? Now our conversations solely consist of the next task we need to get done, the next commitment we have to attend or the next meeting for work. Yes, I know this is what happens when you are with someone so much. You begin living routinely together without much thought to the spontaneity that was there when you first met.

Well, we both agreed it is time to slow down. I hate living in fast forward. Why can’t we just sit and be? I think there is a time to be task oriented and focused but also a time to kick back and enjoy the down time many of us desperately need. How do we get that time back?

It’s so funny, I find myself waking up and wanting “me” time. No talking, no tv, no cell phone.  Why is it so scary to sit in your own thoughts sometimes. Instead of enjoying my oh so sacred coffee time, I feel guilty for not doing something “purposeful.” I hear my phone go off with a text or my email ding with a new message, and I automatically go to check them. Really? Is it that important that I can’t wait to finish my cup of coffee or morning prayer? This feels like a recurring theme in my life, but my challenge for the next 29 days (yes, that is the countdown) is to slow down, unplug and enjoy the time I allot to just be.  I would hate to speed through this next month. If I am ending one chapter of my life to start a new one, I have to make it good right? The endings and beginnings are always the best parts ☺

Cheers to slowing down and almost married,