Are you sick of hearing the countless commercials and ads about Black Friday and Cyber Monday yet? We admit, it's exciting at first, but after endless hours of hearing the same thing over and over again, you just get tired of it. Thankfully all of that, for the most part, ends today. Today is Giving Tuesday. With all of the "getting" this past weekend, it feels good to start giving again. It's getting way to easy to get consumed in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. We quickly forget those in our community who are giving everything they have for others. 

Let's not forget the people who are up all night caring for the sick while we are all sound asleep. The people who have to wake up before the sun rises to make sure our streets stay safe. The people who risk their lives everyday simply to protect ours. These people are the ones we should be giving to.

For our T.A.S.K Tuesday #2, we challenge you to "give" to your local police station, fire station or hospital. Whether it is hot chocolate, fresh baked cookies or even a handwritten letter, give back to those who give so much. With Thanksgiving being last week, we are extremely thankful for these selfless people who help keep us healthy and safe! Be sure to post your T.A.S.K. so we can spread even more kindness and be sure to hashtag #tasktuesday and #taskteam !