The idea that perfection is an attainable goal is a little, how do I say this…destructive.  Really think about it for a second. If you strive for the impossible, you are running a race with no finish line. This may sound strange, but I’ve been very grateful for my imperfections lately. Once you decide to accept your faults as avenues to grow and improve, you let go of trying to fix and perfect everything. Newsflash: we will never be exactly where we want/need to be. If that were the case, we would be supernatural. Our human nature is imperfect. So attempting to reach perfection is a losing fight, Instead, we should take those inadequacies we pound ourselves with, and use them as fuel. Fuel to change. Fuel to improve.

The best part is that we all are in the same boat. My mom used to tell me, “Everyone has issues, the details are just different.” So true isn’t it?  Can we all agree that we are imperfectly perfect and that’s 100 percent ok? The real challenge is learning how to use the negatives in our lives to create more positives.

So on this Monday, be the best you, and yes, that’s enough. I think perfect is overrated anyway. 


Until next time,