Want to build LEAN muscle and greater flexibility? Does a flat core and improved balance sound good to you? Are you tired of pounding your joints with crazy, jumping exercises? If you answered yes to any of these questions, PiYo is the RIGHT workout for you! The best part about this program is that you can carve an intensely defined physique—without jumps, without weights, and without straining your joints. Using your body weight, you'll perform low-impact, high-intensity movements inspired by Pilates and yoga.

PiYo creator Chalene Johnson describes PiYo as “Strength and stretch and flexibility all rolled into one powerfully dynamic workout!” Chalene continues, “PiYo is for people who just don’t feel like Yoga and Pilates is the right fit for them. People who know they need flexibility training, but they want to get more out of it.”

We are excited to say we are now certified PiYo instructors! Although we wish all of you could come to a live class that is obviously impossible. Thankfully, Beachbody just released an at home PiYo program! No gym membership. Just you, your PiYo DVD, and the drive to make it through! From June 19 – July 31, 2014, there is a PiYo Challenge Pack that is available for $140, which includes the PiYo at-home program and Shakeology. That’s a $70 savings if you were to buy these products separately. Take this first step to a healthier, leaner, happier you! You can order this program from our website, click here!