We are planners, and even though we think we are the good kind of planners, we know our ways could get a little much. Our major fault with planning is the uneasiness we feel when the plan falls through. Ohhh how we hate when the plan falls through. We realize not every little detail of the day has to be planned out or written in a to-do list format. We realize not every tedious task has to be put in a time slot each day.  We realize that although to do lists are useful, they are not set in stone and unable to change. We know this, but why is it hard to resist making a schedule for each day??? Ok…we are proving the point of our weird obsession with planning.

What we’re trying to say is that our minds are always filled with a million thoughts. We seriously feel like sometimes our thoughts and words are playing in fast forward (if you’ve ever heard us tell a story together in person you know what we mean).  If something isn’t written down, it most likely will not get done. So we decided to make a general weekly to do list. Nothing too specific but everything we hope to accomplish in a week. So we wanted to share with you incase you are like us and could use help minimizing the amount of lists you make. Here is our Twinatic’s Ten. Follow these ten tips and we promise it will help you maintain your sweet spot this week!