Imagine you are training for a marathon. You’ve decided to take on the challenge of completing 26.2 miles. I know it is hard to imagine running that distance at one time, but stay with me here. You are a runner and you are running a marathon…

You know it is going to be difficult, and there will be times you may want to quit. Knowing this, you decide to get a running partner. You want someone by your side from the starting line to the finish line. Although it is still scary to look at the distance ahead of you, you feel a little more at ease knowing you won’t be alone.

While you are running the race, you have your good miles and your tough miles. There are times of exhilaration and times of exhaustion. You are smiling at mile 3 but tearing up at mile 13.  You know there is a chance you could get injured, but that doesn’t concern you. If you fall down, your running partner is there to help you back up. If you need someone to talk to, don’t worry, your running partner is taking every step with you, matching your pace, listening and sharing. Need a push because you just lost feeling in your legs? Sigh of relief. You look to your partner who gives you that needed motivation you can’t muster up for yourself. Want a water break? Its ok, take it. You have someone with you to get you back in the race. The very best part about race day may simply be that you’re not in it alone. You’ve CHOSEN to take this journey with someone else.

The energy in the air is contagious. You are amazed at all of the work that went in to setting up this event. The race director had everything planned out perfectly. All you had to do was stay on course and move forward. That would lead you to your final destination. The route was purposely set up for your success. You knew all you had to do was keep pushing onward. Moving backwards was not even an option.

Ok, now switch gears and think on a bigger scale. Life is like a marathon. We all start at the starting line not knowing when we will complete the race. There are good times (miles) and there are bad. Sometimes you are physically worn out but sometimes you feel like you can take on the world. You know with every decision (step) there is a chance of getting hurt. For me, I am thankful for the greatest running partner of all time…the Big Guy. Without God running this race with me, I would be a stumbling runner at the end of the race. He is also my race director. My route in life has already been planned out for me. He has mapped each mile out purposely for my success. All I am asked to do is move forward. Nothing behind me can get me to what lies ahead of me.

A marathon is hard. Life may be harder. But like any good race, the hard miles make the good miles that much sweeter. The finish line will eventually appear. My question for you is…why try to cross it alone?

Good luck on your race!