“Tina, wake up. It’s time to go run.” Usually those words get me up early in the morning so that Catherine and I can get our workout in before class. On the other hand, there are those mornings where I act like I didn’t hear her. Literally, I fake sleep until she stops trying. What am I saying? Cat NEVER stops trying until my running shoes are on and my iPod is in hand. On most days, I am thankful for her motivation and unwillingness to miss a planned workout, but those mornings where my bed is extra comfy, the lights are off, and I have my coffee in hand, a four-mile run is certainly not a top priority.  There are some days where I have to encourage her to work out, but if I’m being honest, Catherine is the true work out Nazi.      After completing a half marathon with our mom and sorority sisters last year, we have a newfound love and dedication to running. We love going home for the weekend and having the chance to get a good Sunday run in with our mom. Other than home, our favorite place to run is around LSU’s campus, especially before a football or baseball game. There is nothing better than running past family tailgates, listening to “Calling Baton Rouge”, and literally feeling the excitement of an LSU game day. Our mom comes to every home football game, so we decided to have a game day run together every Saturday morning. This past weekend, we turned our iPods off and just enjoyed the LSU football ambiance. Running past Tiger Stadium made us that much more excited for the game, and the friendliness of the early bird tailgaters put us in the best mood.

Trying to stay motivated and dedicated to exercise on your own is a difficult undertaking. Every single person has the same thoughts before a work out. Do I really feel like doing this? I could always just wait until tonight. Am I too tired? These thoughts crowd our mind too before a work out, but thankfully we have each other to snap the other one out of it. You need to find your “twinatic”. Your support system. It could be one person or it can be a group. We are not saying you can’t do it alone, we just don’t think you should have too! There’s no fun in that. You need to be held accountable. It is way less intimidating to try out a new work out class when you have a friend there with you. You are exchanging an hour or so of your day for exercise so take advantage of that time. Try not to be miserable throughout the entire thing. Think of it as “catch up” time with a friend, prayer time, or just a stress free time with no thoughts. Think about it. You workout for you…so use this time to focus on you. An acceptable time to be selfish!

Although we sometimes dread it and make excuses, we are confident in saying that no one ever regrets a work out. People usually only regret NOT exercising. So, let the search begin! Find your “go to” work out buddy. They need you as much as you need them. Get together and make a work out schedule. Before you know it, you will be looking forward to this time you have with each other (don’t roll your eyes thinking you will never look forward to a workout… it happens!)

Get movin’ people!