“Are you awake?” has been a reoccurring question this trip. We’re in Florida on vacation but for whatever reason have not been able to get a full night sleep. Once 4:00 AM rolls around, both of our eyes open and we are ready to start the day. It truly has been a little bizarre at the timing of it all. How are we consistently waking up at the exact same time? I guess it's twin timing.  We’re not complaining though. This morning Cat said the one thing that can ALWAYS get me out of bed, “coffee coffee coffee.” That’s her typical morning chatter to convince me it’s time to get up. Unfortunately, the Starbucks in our hotel lobby does not open until 6:00 AM…and remember, it’s only 4:00. So, we lay there anticipating that first sip. Mmm…nothing better than that first sip of hot, freshly brewed coffee. 

It is 7:30 now and we are enjoying our Sunday morning on the beach. Our grande coffee was nothing short of perfection, and we have been soaking up our last morning enjoying the sounds of the ocean. We really have had a great trip, but we are laughing at what our favorite part of this past week was. Not the great restaurants, not the shopping, but the slight case of insomnia that got us on the beach before sunrise. Funny, right? Our best memory is having our Starbucks coffee on the quiet beach before the city is even awake yet. Good stuff. Hope your Sunday has started right, but if you need some motivation to start your day, repeat after us, “coffee coffee coffee.”