After being stuck in the house for three days because of Hurricane Isaac, it was only natural for my family to begin reminiscing on the good ‘ole days. Each childhood story would leave us hysterically laughing remembering the things we used to do. We’ve come to realize our relationship has pretty much stayed the same our whole lives. The fact that we schedule our doctor’s appointments at the same time and babysit together clearly expresses that we are still connected at the hip. Family and friends always joke about the day one of us gets married. What will happen to the other one? We’re just hoping for the best. You know, finding a set of boy twins, brothers, or maybe cousins to sweep us off our feet. How much fun would it be if we would marry into the same family? Ok, we know what you are probably thinking. Twins marrying twins could be a tad bit strange. But hey, we can dream, right? Regardless, once we have families of our own, we will be living next door to each other and sharing a backyard so marrying into the same family is not totally necessary.

Thinking back to our childhood, there was a point where we were forced to separate. In elementary school, our vice principal purposely put us in different homeroom classes so that we could “find our individuality.” AKA torture! As eight year olds, just imagine our disappointment and confusion. We didn’t even know what individuality was at the time much less cared about finding it! When you are that young, six hours of the school day feels like an eternity. We can remember planning out exactly what time we would go to the bathroom during class, so that we could see and talk to each other. Although it was only for two minutes, at least we got our twin fix. Is it just us, or is this starting to sound a little pathetic? 

As the childhood stories continued, it reminded us how fun and simple life was as a kid. Everything was exciting, uncomplicated, and worry-free.  We can’t tell you how many forts we made out of cardboard boxes, lemonade stands we set up, or the amount of times we played in the rain. Make the most out of these rainy days and take a trip down memory lane! Let the laughter begin!

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”