Losing weight is simple, right? You just need to burn more calories than you intake. This is very true, but it is definitely not the whole story. All calories are not created equal. Your body will break down and digest 100 calories of fruit differently than 100 calories of processed potato chips. It is not recommended to restrict either carbohydrates or fats in order to accomplish long-term weight loss. Instead we are told to focus on the quality of the fats and carbohydrates we choose to put into our bodies.  The traditional carbohydrates that our ancestors ate are very different than what we eat as our daily carbohydrates. Years and years ago steel-cut oats were eaten rather than instant oats and stone-ground breads were chosen over highly processed white bread. Confused on the difference? The traditional carbohydrates that we used to eat digest slowly in our bodies and as a result our blood sugar rises slowly. Our bodies don’t experience the same rush and crash that white, high processed carbohydrates cause our bodies to do.

You know what we want to know. Whose bright idea was it to rid carbohydrates of its nutrients? In it’s most natural state, carbs are so nutritious. Why is man disrupting nature? Refined, aka white, carbohydrates have undergone manufacturing. Some even contain harmful chemicals that spike blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels triggers chronic health problems. Unrefined, brown/wheat, carbohydrates are loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals. These things are vital for the production of energy in the human body. Natural food fiber is responsible for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. The recommended daily intake of natural fiber is between 20 to 45 grams. And guess what… this amount of fiber can only be found in unrefined carbohydrates.

To wrap this all up in an easy to understand summary is simple. The ideal diet, which obviously needs to promote a fast metabolism and long-term health seems to be fresh vegetables and whole grains. Sound familiar? A plant-based diet is a bulletproof way to lose weight and keep it off! Don’t be intimidated and think you have to be either all in or all out. Just build your awareness and make substitutions in your daily diet. We are confident that you will quickly see and feel a difference. It is way too exhausting and limiting to count calories every day. When you eat whole foods, there is no need. Your body will let you know how much food it needs to function properly. The problem with highly processed food is that your body doesn’t know what to do with it. So, it stores it.  Your body is searching for nutrients that aren’t found in these types of food, so you are constantly hungry. Feed your body what it wants/needs and in turn you will be satisfied for a longer period of time.

 “The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” ~Ann Wigmore~