“Are yall juicers?” Feeling a little embarrassed, we shook our heads feeling like it was a confession. What kind of question is that? Are yall juicers? We are laughing right now thinking about that encounter checking out at the grocery store. Just because we are buying a bulk of vegetables, we are now put under this title. Yes, we like to juice…but not sure if we like the title “Juicer.” What the heck is that supposed to mean anyway? Now that we think of it, it wasn’t the comment that made us feel a little self-conscious; it was the cashier’s connotation. Why was she looking down upon a couple of girls juicing some fruits and veggies. Back off, we like to juice! It makes us feel good. So funny to see how people react when they realize we actually ENJOY healthy food. We think some people literally get “freaked out” when they see people doing something or eating something that is not extremely common. We don’t think it has to be like this forever though. We just got back from a beach trip, and Destin has defied the normal idea of what food, especially fast food, has to be like. They had little organic grocery stores, juice bars, healthy cafes, and farmer’s markets on every corner. Several little restaurants, cafes, and bakeries around the city sold food that was FRESH, UNPROCESSED, and DELICIOUS. Fresh fruit was offered as a side instead of chips, and the pastries were made with real ingredients that just added to their decadence. We wish so badly Louisiana would jump on board this health train. Healthful fast food options need to be available for those families always on the go. It isn’t impossible. It has been done! And let us just tell you, it is a very, very, very good thing.

REAL INGREDIENTS=REAL FOOD…and no one can detest that. It is so hard for us college girls attempting (key word here) to live on a budget while at the same time buying fresh, unprocessed food. We’re beginning to spend all our money at Whole Foods rather than shopping for new clothes…what the heck is happening here? It’s time that food…well, health for that matter…gets redefined. Everyone wants to feel and look good, but to achieve this we must eat good!

Redefining health…ah, we like it.