What’s the deal with soy? Healthy or harmful?  This, among many others, is one of the most controversial topics today.  We’ve gotten asked this question multiple times and wanted to make sure we were giving an educated response.   So we decided to research as much as we could to figure out the best answer.  Since there is no definite answer to this question, we found some interesting information to remember when eating or even avoiding soy.  First of all, anything in its natural state usually isn’t harmful to your body.  Therefore, edamame (soybeans) and non-processed whole ground soy are OK in your diet. In fact, these forms of soy are very beneficial to your overall health. Soy only becomes an issue, like any other food, when you consume it in excess. Even worse, food companies add PROCESSED soy to the so-called “healthy” foods we purchase in order to extend the shelf life. It’s pretty simple when you think of it: real soy is good, fake soy is bad. Our rule of thumb is if it’s in its natural state, void of the all the harmful additives and the correct portion size we DO intake soy! The video below is a quick, easy to understand explanation of what type of soy we should eat and what type of soy we should avoid. Hope this helps to clear some questions up!