Comparison is the thief of joy. True or false? We believe it is absolutely, without a doubt a true statement.  At the core of any dilemma, if you begin to compare your situation with someone else’s, your problem either looks a whole lot better or worse than you previously thought. Why do we compare? Obviously, that is human nature. But is there a way to stop the madness and just be content on who we are and the decisions we make? We hope so.

There are many things in our lives that we have to purposefully train our minds not to compare. One being our mom’s breast cancer. It wouldn’t do any good to compare her diagnosis with another breast cancer survivor. Why? Because there is not one case that is exactly the same. Catherine and I can’t live comparing ourselves to each other. Why? Because we are different. As hard as that is to believe, we are in fact different.  Our new lifestyle decisions pertaining to diet and exercise are not “one size fits all.” It works for us. Our mom gave a great analogy when we were talking about this topic over dinner one night. We all take the basin bridge to Baton Rouge. We drive the speed limit, wear our seatbelts and make sure to drive defensively to make sure we get from Lafayette to Baton Rouge safe and sound. There is no guarantee that by following these rules we will make it there with no accidents or car problems, but we will do everything we can to hopefully prevent anything that could cause us harm. Same thing with our diet and exercise. We are doing everything we can, following all the guidelines we have learned, to hopefully reduce our chance of possibly being diagnosed with an illness we never wish to have. For some people, eating a whole foods diet isn’t appealing or satisfying to them. For some people, being active every day isn’t a priority. That doesn’t make them wrong. It would be unfair to compare.

We believe you should do what makes you feel the best. You should do whatever you can to be the best-version-of-yourself, and that may be totally different from what we do. Don’t let comparison be the thief of your joy.