You know those days where everything goes exactly as planned? You are not worried, stressed out, or anxious. The weather is beautiful and things just fall into place perfectly. Those are best days, aren’t they? We often wonder why every day can’t be that good, that easy. When you really think about it, the answer is quite obvious. If everything were always just right, no one would grow as a person. The reason we are the way we are today is because of the experiences we’ve had. Overcoming the hardest of times teaches you more about yourself. We believe there is always a lesson to be learned, a task to be completed, or improvements to be made.     

 If we could change one thing about ourselves, it would be the amount of anxiousness and worry we possess. As twenty-year-old college students, our worries usually range from the pettiest of things to the most significant.  Obviously worry and nervousness will never completely go away, but there is a way to overcome the fear that comes a long with it. Your thoughts run your life. Whatever you think, affects how you feel on the inside, which affects how you act on the outside. We are striving to change the path of our thoughts. Take a moment before you start your day to acknowledge all of the blessings you have. For starters, you woke up this morning. How amazing…another day to enjoy the gift of life. You’re healthy. You have the ability to walk and run and enjoy the outdoors. You have family and friends. How lucky are we that we don’t have to go through each day alone.  You have freedom. You possess the ability to reach any and every dream you may have.   How amazing would each day begin if gratitude overwhelmed our mornings?

Whenever one of us gets extremely stressed out, we have to snap each other out of it. Some events in our lives can cause worries and fears that take a lot more than one day to overcome, but we challenge you, as well as ourselves, to not look that far into the future. Worrying about what may or may not happen will not make the outcome of the problem change. If anything, it will only add to the misery. As cliché as it is, live in the moment. There is no need to look further than that. We have very limited power on the way certain things turn out. Worrying will never change a problem! It will only create more problems on top of the original one. Your mind is powerful…don’t let it take over.

This quote was an eye opener for us: “Worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have.” How true is that? We can’t tell you how many times we have played scenarios over and over in our heads anxiously awaiting the outcome, and guess what…IT NEVER HAPPENED. All the worry and stress was useless and unnecessary.  With that being said, we challenge you today. Think of this particular day. Recognize all the positive aspects, all your blessings, and live in the present moment. Remember, whatever you are worried about may never happen.  Lets stop wasting our time on such a useless action.

 Make today a worry-free, beautiful, gratified day!