It was the night before we left for our senior trip. Mikie, our brother, was playing in a baseball series out of town, so we were the only ones home that weekend. With an anxious look in her eyes, our mom sat us down as she grabbed her chest, and told us that she found a lump which she already had biopsied.  It was then that the words that every kid dreads came out of our mom’s mouth, “I have breast cancer.” She went on to say that it was in the early stages and explained that the doctors said it was definitely curable. All we heard was the “C” word and were at a loss of words at that moment.  With tears in our eyes, we refused to go on our senior trip and leave her. She ended up forcing us to go on our trip knowing that staying home may not be the best decision for us at the time. After we got home a week later, our attitudes totally shifted. There was no fear. There was no uncertainty. We KNEW she would be ok.  Maybe it was when we started to depend strictly on our faith for her to be cured that we experienced an overwhelming sense of peace.  We surrendered all our fears to God and in return had no doubt she would beat this and come out of this journey stronger. Obviously we had our weak days where we had to lean on each other for strength, but in the end we chose to be on God’s team. At that time, it was the only option we felt we had. It was easier to depend on something greater than ourselves. Without our faith, we honestly do not know where we would be today. It not only saved us, but we believe it saved our mom’s life as well.

Because this week starts Breast Cancer Awareness month, we thought we would dedicate this blog post to our mom. Our hero. We still refer to her as supermom. She has been a single mother raising three kids ever since we were toddlers. That alone is admirable, but two and a half years ago she was diagnosed with this disease. We have asked the question over and over again in our heads, “Why our mom?” but that question will never be answered. What we do know is that this journey has brought our family closer than ever. We were always a close-knit family, but this experience has shown us how important and powerful the love of a family has on our lives. We were lucky enough to have the most selfless family and friends along with us every step of the way. In our eyes, they are all living angels.

Obviously throughout mom’s treatment, she had her weak moments. This was especially hard for us to witness because we have never seen our mom weak. Remember, to us, she is supermom. For whatever reason, we were blessed with this strength and peace that allowed us to be our mom’s rock. We wanted her to feel like she could be weak and scared in front of us, and we would help to erase away her fears. She got through four months of intense chemotherapy and decided to fight back. Breast Cancer was not going to strip away her joys in life. Her newfound strength and love for life has been a true inspiration to us. She is a living testament of God’s healing power. Of course she still has those days where she is fearful. We are sure most breast cancer survivors experience this sense of constant worry. We repeat the same words to our mom every time she calls us out of concern: FAITH OVER FEAR. This has become our family’s motto. 

Our T.A.S.K today and for the entire month of October is to keep all of you breast cancer fighters and survivors in our thoughts and prayers. YOU CAN BEAT THIS. Choose to be on God’s team. We believe that with hope, anything is possible.