Balance…isn’t that what everyone strives for? We remember growing up hearing, “A balanced life is a good life.” The hard part is finding that perfect balance. Finding that rhythm. Most people know the four aspects of life…physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual. A book that goes into great detail about this idea is The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly. If you have not read this book yet we HIGHLY recommend it. It is one of the books that we will read over and over again just to make sure we soak up all the valuable information in it. We have been striving to figure out our rhythm of life. It is hard because we tend to spend so much time focusing on one aspect that we neglect the other three. We are motivated physically but lack that same motivation spiritually. We are motivated intellectually but lack that same motivation emotionally. You see, we are still going through the learning process. We desire this balance because we believe this will put us on the path to become the best-version-of-ourselves.  It really is an art when you think about it. You know, the rhythm of life. How do you figure it out? We think if it were an easy task, everyone would have incredibly balanced lives. As summer quickly approaches we are motivated to find our perfect balance. Trial and error will no doubt take place, but only then will we believe what we discover will be the best way for us to live. Maybe figuring out this detail of our lives will lead us to the road of success. Maybe this rhythm will bring us all a little closer to our purpose in this world.

Wake up and have our prayer/bible time…spiritual…check. Go for a morning workout to start our day…physical…check. Give special attention and time to our relationships throughout the day…emotional…check. End the day with a little reading of our favorite books…intellectual…check. We’re making an effort to discover our rhythm of life…are you?