It’s always a good thing when a message sticks with you. It means it sparked a thought that intrigued you enough to challenge the way you currently think about something. We attended Mass in Florida a couple weeks ago and a statement the priest made in his homily has stuck with us ever since. “We are all going to the same place, just taking different highways to get there.”  This statement, along with the rest of his homily, challenged us to view people’s differences as a crucial aspect of life. We are all so quick to point fingers when someone thinks or acts differently then we do. We are quickly learning that everyone is different. Even Cat and I have differences (ok, very few but yes they are there). We do things certain ways because it makes us happy and puts us on the path we feel we should be on. Does that mean everyone must do what we do…absolutely not. If there were a bunch of Cat and Tinas walking around, the world would be a very loud, over excited, fast-talking population and that would be a little over rambunctious for every day life. Whew, exhausted thinking about it.        

We are all on different highways, different paths, leading us all to the same place. So instead of trying to get everyone in our “lane” lets just try and have the best ride. It doesn’t matter if you’re a liberal or conservative, athlete or musician, CEO or Kindergarten teacher, you are keeping the “traffic flowing.” If every driver on the interstate preferred the fast, more aggressive left lane, there would be some congestion, don’t you think? Thankfully, we have the slower, more conservative drivers in the right lane, balancing the highway out. Different is good. Different is necessary. Maybe if we begin to celebrate diversity and do away with harsh judgment, we could experience a lot less “accidents” on the highway and finally begin to enjoy the ride.