Quote for today: "In any one instance of time, no such thing as a problem can exist. Unhappiness arises from going beyond the reality of the Now and creating a story out of the past or the future that because neither exists, has no reality. The true source of joy and happiness is the realization of one's existence in this very moment…" -Dr. David Hawkins

"Useful thinking is asking useful questions. So, in a spiritual level I ask myself: What is useful for me to be thinking now? What can I do now for better opportunities? Where are better opportunities right now? What should I do? What could I do? What leads my Imagination? What questions show me toward Light? Following every possibility requires we think in new directions with new questions. It requires we continually ask the same great questions over and over throughout the week. Some days there will be no answers, other days the answers will be in multiples.  But if we don't ask, we don't get answers; and following every possibility means we need answers.  God will out-wit our limitation." -M. Williams

We read this yesterday and it definitely hit home for us. We are so quick to plan out our future or replay the past that we fail to take in the present moment. The past is good for memories and the future is good for dreams, but we need to remember that the present is good for living. Most of us are in such a hurry to get to point B that we miss the special moments that are present at point A. We feel like it is necessary to strive for contentment, the state of satisfaction. No other moment is as precious as the one we’re in now. With gratitude we replay the past, with excitement we look toward our future, and with sheer bliss we enjoy the present place we are at in our lives.