You know those days where there is a spark within you, and you become so motivated to do something. We have seriously had days where we are so fired up about an idea; we physically can’t contain our excitement. Catherine always says, “If my heart could come out of my chest right now because it is so full of happiness, it would.” We love that feeling. We live for that feeling. But why the heck does that emotion fade? Why can’t we constantly have that “high?”  It is borderline frustrating. Maybe it is the fear of the unknown that creeps into our minds that drops our motivation level down a couple notches. Ugh, fear. We despise fear. We are starting to think that this could be what separates average from above average. Why do some people make it to the so-called “top” while others try and try but never achieve their dreams? Success isn’t genetic, but why are some people consistently successful? WHAT IS THEIR SECRET? Perseverance? Dedication? Plain ole luck? Maybe. Or maybe it is the initial desire. That burning desire that ignites an idea, well better yet, ignites your dream. Could that be the missing piece? If the spark never died within us, we would do anything in our power to achieve our goals, right? How can we keep this spark? Hmm. We wish we had the answer.

What we do know is that there is nothing better than the feeling of a burning desire within you. It is like a little fire inside of us that is roaring, ready to spread to those around us. We are on a journey to figure out what keeps our fire going. And we can promise you one thing. Once we find out what that is, we aren’t letting it go.

Maybe we all just need to gain a little momentum. That could be the task at hand. The law of inertia says that an object in motion will stay in motion, and an object at rest will stay at rest. How can we find this force? Momentum comes from within you. To create momentum, you must get into action.

So…simple challenge. Find out what sparked the fire within you, hold on to it, and get movin’ toward your dream. We think it’s about time we all start gaining a little momentum.