October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is celebrated across the world in hopes of increasing attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment of this disease. Writing is the best way for us to appropriately express our thoughts and feelings, and with Breast Cancer there are many emotions that surface. This short poem is written for all those women who have fought and are fighting this battle against Breast Cancer. This is especially dedicated to our mom, who without a doubt is a light in our lives. She is a fighter, a warrior, an inspiration but most importantly a SURVIVOR.


Whether we like it or not

Breast Cancer is now a part of our lives

It affects the ones we love the most

Friends, sisters, mothers and wives


Our mom has won the battle

We believe she is cured for good

But if we could take away all the fear

She knows deep down we would


It’s not fair she has to worry

Or fear this disease will come back

But our mom is a walking angel

And faith is one thing she does not lack


Her strength builds us up

And her hopeful spirit is our light

If we can grow into a women like her

We know we are living life right


Cancer didn’t take a lot from her

Well, not in our eyes at least

To us, it is just one more example

Of the beauty fighting the beast


As terrible as Cancer is

Our family didn’t experience strife

But something more amazing

The realization of the gift of life


Every day is filled with gratitude

Full of laughs, smiles and love

When we lay our heads down at night

We give our thanks to the Big Guy above


This doesn’t mean every day is perfect

Or that fear doesn’t try to creep in

But the one thing Cancer did teach us

Is  that you can’t ever let the devil win


So for all you other warriors out there

Don’t let this disease define you

Let our mom be living proof

There is nothing you can’t fight through


During this month of October

We admire those women who fight

Our prayer for you all today

Is that you begin to see the light