“I am going to give up sugar.” “I am going to workout an hour a day.” I am cutting carbs out of my diet.” Any of these sound familiar? People are constantly self-motivating themselves to drastically change some aspect of their daily habits. Although these quick changes can be done, it is a much harder transition then most would hope for. People are always looking to accomplish the biggest, most drastic change possible in order to see quickest results. Did you ever think this might not be the BEST way? This type of thinking, the “all or nothing” mindset, usually gets people stuck in a rut after a short amount of time. It is hard to train your mind and body to completely eliminate something from your diet or daily routine. We are not saying this is impossible; it’s just a little more difficult.

We want to challenge you to focus on the small wins this week. And we aren’t just talking about physical health here. We are all about improving ALL aspects of your life. By focusing on just one part, lets just say your physical health, you become preoccupied with only those types of thoughts. The same goes if you only try to improve your spirituality. If you want to work on your health then set some goals and focus on the small wins. For example, start by giving up artificial sweeteners or soft drinks. Maybe participate in the Meatless Monday campaign, where you abstain from meat on Mondays. Make sure you are drinking two liters of water a day or attempt to walk/run 30 minutes a day. You are not changing your whole diet or workout routine overnight but accomplishing small wins. Remember, these small wins will eventually equal big ones!

This same idea goes for the other aspects of your life. If you want to strengthen your faith, it is quite a challenge to commit to attending Mass daily. What if you just committed to attending Mass on Sunday but tried your hardest to stay focused on the homily without letting distracting thoughts creep in. It may be challenging to give up hours of your day to help those less fortunate, but you could commit to doing a random act of kindness a day. Are you starting to get it? Several small wins equal a HUGE win! Anything done out of love, whether it’s for yourself or someone else, is usually something worth your time. Keep on striving to be better and never get to a point where you think you “have arrived.” We can never stop improving. Ever.