Don’t you love those days where everything seems to go just right? Or those moments where you think to yourself, “This is too good to be true.” We love when things just fall into place. In those precious moments, life seems to be on our side.  Some people call it luck. Others call it coincidence.  Not us. We like to call it serendipity. In its most literal sense, it is defined as a happy accident, and more specifically, the accident of finding something good while not specifically searching for it.  That is the only way to describe certain life moments. The thought “too good to be true” scares people, so they inherently seek out the negative just to make sure whatever is happening is real. We don’t let our minds say, “This is too good to be true.” We believe indescribable moments are simply TRUE.  Sometimes scenarios that happen to us don’t need an explanation. In fact, sometimes there is no explanation to give. You can’t describe or understand certain things that happen to you, whether good or bad. When something amazing is going on in your life and your first thought is, “Is this really happening?” Guess what, IT IS. So don’t doubt the good. Don’t doubt the impossible. Take comfort in knowing that sometimes life is just a little…. serendipitous.