When do anxious thoughts arise? When we start thinking ahead. The unknown is a scary concept and to think that is where our future lies is a little unsettling. What good does it do to stress over what may or may not happen in days, months or even years down the road?  We’re guilty of over planning. We like to make a to do list, get it done in the amount of time we allotted for it and then move on to the next task. Because we try to do TOO much we usually spend our time attempting to multitask. Emphasis on the word attempt. We believe you can’t successfully do several things at one time...aka multitasking. Of course you can accomplish several different tasks but to fully commit and give each one your undivided attention is impossible. Trust us, we know. We have tried to master this skill and unfortunately have had no luck.

We are challenging ourselves from here on out. Maybe if we focused on one job at a time, it would get done more efficiently. Besides that fact, it will definitely eliminate the anxiety we all feel when duties get piled up. When we work on one assignment, we will give it our full attention and effort. Then, move on to the next. We can only imagine the time we would save by spending half the time on certain projects, but adding our full concentration for that specific time frame. Why do 10 things just “ok” when you can do three really great? We can’t plan for everything so let us take time to do what we can when we can and the very best we can. After all, there is talk multitasking is just a myth anyway.  Challenge yourself this week to pick a task, commit to that ONE obligation and do it to the best of your ability. Then simply move on to the next. Why make anything harder then it has to be? We often ask ourselves this question too.