As a medical student, much of my day is spent sitting down at a desk studying for hours at a time. Bootcamp was a much-needed break at the end of a long day to help clear my mind and stay fit. The twins were so motivating! Each exercise was challenging, but rewarding as I saw improvements after each session. I LOVED boot camp and can’t wait for the next session to start!
— Ali J.
Even though Twinatics Boot Camp was so challenging, it was an absolute blast! By far the was the most enjoyable part of my day! I wish it were a year-round thing. Thanks Twins and Connor!
— Elizabeth A.
I credit Twinatics for starting me in the right direction towards a healthy lifestyle. Catherine and Christina were so positive and upbeat before, during, and after workouts that they inspired me to continue living a healthy lifestyle. I would 100% recommend them!
— Griffin D.
Christina and Catherine really pushed me to challenge myself. I felt stronger and more confident each week. We worked hard but had a lot of fun doing it!
— Alexis P.